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I just went into Brandon Harley with a friend. He was looking at one of the new 2010 ultras so I went along. We went inside and I was going to the back looking for a clearance t-shirt. I saw the used bikes and was just looking and admiring, I wasn't there to buy or even look at bikes. The sal;esman was good, they called my name overhead to come up front and there was the bike that I was admiring, an '06 classic with all of the bells and whistles already added to it. So I was off for the testride and the rest is history I had to have it and I got it right then and there. Thanks Hollywood.

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welcome to the family...........
Thats awesome Chuck! Welcome to the family and enjoy that bike. Im sure that smile on your face will be there for some time to come....... Hollywood is a great guy, you will learn a lot riding with him and exploring places you may never have even known about.

Have a Rocking Harley Day

Congrats on your new scoot and welcome to the family!
Love is a beautiful thing. Give us some pictures...
Known Hollywood for years.....Gotta watch that man, great saleman and trustworthy, I'd send anyone to him.
Welcome..post some pics and enjoy the miles! Pt

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