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I saw this bike yesterday at the Tampa dealership and it is a great first bike for any lady who wants to have their own.  I am short and even before sitting it up, I was totally flat footed (right foot!).  It still works for taller ladies -- just put a set of forward controls on it and you are good to go!


It was very comfortable, had a larger tank (4.5 gallons), and great styling (bigger tank instead of peanut and the colors are fabulous).  I didn't get to ride one yet but check out Genevieve Schmitt's write up at her website:  www.womenridersnow.com



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I now own this bike and I must say the only thing I'm having issues with right now is the wind fatigue. I am short as well and this bike was perfect for me too! This is my first bike, so it's working out pretty well. I love the tank size as opposed to my husband's 2.1. I plan on getting a wind screen here soon to see if it helps out with the fatigue. If anyone has questions about this bike please feel free to ask!

I always had a windshield on my 883 Sportster but didn't put one on my Dyna right away.  It really does beat you up when you ride without a windshield; even a small one will help.  Plus, my face and body were a mess with road dirt!


I understand the new design of the bike and tank make it easier to ride.  I was going to try one out at the demo rides in Daytona earlier this year but decided to try out the Softtail Convertible instead.  I need to try out the new 883 low!





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