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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  NO, not that wimp-azz happy holidays, I am a 55 year old American and I celebrate Christmas, thats that


Goin to my first grandbabys Christmas in California and not lookin forward to the TSA searches, but I have surprises for them


So maybe I see you next year, or maybe video from Leavenworth, who knows


but enjoy, ride safe and stay warm






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Merry Christmas back at cha.  Just get to CA safe and enjoy your family.

See u in the New Year,  bright, shinning, and flying in the wind.  CC

Merry Christmas to you. On my way to japan to be with my grandkids. Have a safe trip. Gonna eat a lot of beans before I go thru tsa.
Hello Mike  and hope the christmas was a grand one.  Just got back from a week in the balmy weather of St. Lucia and came back to the cold.



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