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I just got a 4.2 gal tank to swap onto my sportster from JP.  Its supposed to be exact fit for my model, but I have found that my current tank has a very small line (probably 1/8") coming off bottom ride side of tank running along frame towards back of back.  The new tank does not have this fitting.

Ive searched all over online and cant find anything to tell me what this line is for.  Anyone have ideas of what it is?  Is this new tank going to work or does it need to go back?  There were numerous posts on JP for this tank from people that had used it and no one mentioned anything about this line

Bike is a 2003 1200 custom - carborated model, no injection

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Check youtube.  It helps me every time I do upgrades to my bike.

yeah...was lookin there and v-twin forums last night.  Could not find anything.  The overall tank swap looks very easy...its just the one hose...did some more lookin on the bike tonight, and I think its just a vent hose and connected to the vent pipe that comes up at the fill pipe.  Gonna try some things to validate that tomorrow. if thats the case, then Im good cus new tank has vented lid.....fingers crossed


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