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Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever blog. Be warned, spelling and punctuation errors will be in this and every other post I make. If that bugs you, well no one is making you read this.

My reasoning behind this blog and maybe more is the passionate dislike some of my fellow bikers have for Harley Davidson. Before we do the eye roll and start the Harley Boy B.S., let it be known I was on "jap" bikes for 20 years. Specifically Kawasaki's. I rode the first Ninja's while in the service. Owned a 750 Spectra and just sold my 1600 Vulcan. The Vulcan was a 10 year love affair with a bike that was strictly OTG (oil, tires, gas). The bike had 48,000 miles on it the day she went home with a new owner. That was the best bike I've ever owned and still has more miles left on her.

So you ask, why did I sell her? Well the entire time I owned it, I tried to make it look and sound like another bike. And I think I got real close, but it just never had that.......I don't know, never had that heartbeat. What bike? Well a Harley Davidson of coarse.

I was not ready to buy a Harley when I did. Well I was ready, but the timing was just not right. Jobs, the economy, family and other excuses just kept me saying " maybe next year". Then I did the wrong thing. I listen to my wife.... no really. She told me one night to just go buy it. I wanted one and I wasn't getting any younger. I am the typical Harley buyer, mid forties, white, middle class, with older teenagers.

Now when I was on the metric, I heard all the sayings, "get a real bike" , rice burner, Is it running? I Can't hear it". I had the Harley snub when passing at times and got no wave. I even had a so called friend or two not want to ride with me. Don't get me wrong, I fired back with the typical Harley bashing and wrote those "friends" off my Christmas card list. Even after that I still wanted one.

Most bikers are bikers, cruiser or sport, HD or metric. I am one of them. As long as you are in the wind, I don't care what you ride. I give the wave to everyone, even the scooter crowd. Maybe someday they will get serious about riding. Riding is a feeling that I cherish. I respect anyone on the machines and can only hope for the same from you.

But now that I am a "sheep" and joined the "flock", some folks just can't seem to stop bashing me about buying my dream. I heard the "unreliable, old tech, slow, cost to much and why" statements. I looked and test road the Victory's. Great bike. Looked at the Indians, not my style. Goldwing...... hell no. Another Kawasaki...... time to try something new. The rest of the metric's didn't even make the list because of one thing. That sound.

I spent hundreds of dollars trying to make the Vulcan sound like the Harley. Once I test drove my Harley, brand new with stock pipes, I was sold. Now some of you are saying " you bought a bike on the sound of it, what about quality? Reliability?" You dang right I did. I bought it on the sound. The metric bike makers have for years tried to copy that sound and have failed. And the fact that HD is not the junk some folks want to say it is.

Harley-Davidson has one of the best warranties in the business. They back what they sell. Resale values are the highest for a mass manufactured bike. The styling is classic and time tested. Ride quality is above average for a stock seat and the riding position is perfect for me. The new Rushmore 103ci engines are partially water cooled. It has the best stock stereo system with navigation on a bike bar none. Keyless start........... outdated bike........ please. Oh did I mention the sound it makes?

Now, for all you Haters, you ride what you want. Enjoy your time in the wind. If some Harley rider pissed in your Wheaties five years ago by calling you out for riding a Honda, let it go. If you want to say Harley-Davidson motorcycles are junk, find. Just be prepared for my poking you about your shaft drive.

I don't care how much horsepower you have. Its not about how fast you get there, it's about what you experienced on the way. You want to make fun of my BLACK leather jacket, it's cool...... what clown did you mug for yours? Don't like the noise coming form my bike, stay in front of me then. Want to kid me about the "outdated" v-twin, I'll point you to every metric manufacture's v-twin on their "cruisers", other than Triumph, which is a great bike.

You want to run circles around my HOG, have a blast doing it. I'll just lug it down the road, making that sweet noise, with a smile on my face


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Comment by D. Johnson on December 10, 2016 at 6:49pm
I got to say with your hammer you killed the nail. What you said hit home it's been close to 30 years plus since I sat saddle and I find myself looking to saddle again. Back in the day I owned three Suzuki's GS650, 750, and 1100 respectively plus a Kawasaki 1000 and one beat-up Harley sportster. My story takes a diferent bent. When I married all I had left was the Sportster and sad to say my wife talked me out of fixing what needed to be fixed and I eventually lost most of the bike parts from all the times we moved. In my heart I always knew that she had hand in this. Were are story's kinda come to gether is the fact that when I wanted to get my first bike my dad was against me getting a Harley and stated all The evils of Harley from oil leaks to poor craftmenship like a fool I listened. But the one thing I can honestly say is that old Harley sportster I bought "my second bike" was for me the most fun to ride. The metric bikes were in themself fun rides but nothing compares to riding an American legend.
Comment by Tom WILLIAMS on August 11, 2016 at 10:55am

I read an interesting blog a short while ago and your post really fits the bill.  You like myself are a motorcyclist who have ended up riding a Harley.  I have always wanted one a well and in fact haven't ridden a street bike since I got rid of my KZ 1000 about 37 years ago.  Riding now is really as spiritual as it is fun.  My wife also insists that I ride as much as possible because of the change she see's in me.  You know the old saying, "You'll never see a motor cycle sitting outside a psychiatrists office."   It's funny, I even catch myself waving to Bicyclists.  

When someone asks me what it's like to ride a Harley,,,,, I tell them!!!  Everyone in life has a passion, or many passions.  Sharing with someone the desire of your heart, what it feels like to roll on the throttle as your just cresting the perfectly banked uphill turn on the side of a mountain, priceless......  Even if they've never experienced it, the look in your eyes and the emotion you express can't help but stir something in them.  

Right now, I have the great pleasure of riding with my two boys.  One has a Honda Shadow with V&H pipes and the other a 2002 Sportster XL.  It just doesn't get any better........  

Comment by Lou Giordano on May 1, 2016 at 10:42am

My 84 was my first Harley. great bike but it was time for a update. Bought a 2016 StreeGlide and will not look back. Great ride, Nice looking bike. Just have to take a course on how to use the Boom Box

Comment by Julie Preiss on April 11, 2016 at 7:00am
If they have to ask....they wouldn't understand! Love that statement.
Comment by Coyotee Carol on March 27, 2016 at 11:38am

Yea Kevin, you said it well.  It's more than the sound.  It's the vibe, the feeling.  Good 'ol Harley boy.

Good blog.  Keep 'em coming.

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