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I remember way back in 1987 when I'd just graduated high school and had every intention of selling my Honda Civic so I could buy me one o' them Harley Sportster 883's for $2,999. The car was totalled in a storm so that never happened.

In the mid-1990's, I bought a used Kawasaki KZ CSR 650 that I loved a great deal. I had a learner's permit and rode it everywhere, waiting for an opening in a Rider's Course. Those are rare in Michigan. I got into one but on day one there was a glitch and I wasn't listed. Didn't matter. Some vandals in my neighborhood soon picked my bike (and some other vehicles) to destroy. 

While I was out of town recently, my soon-to-be ex-wife (among many other horrible and nasty deeds) sold my new Honda Civic! For twelve years I did not buy a bike because I wanted to be a good, responsible, whipped husband but if all goes well I will, by the end of this weekend, have my endorsement and a 2013 Iron 883. Or I'm ... going to sleep outside Tampa Harley with a guitar case until it fills up with enough change to buy one. 

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